About "closer to You"

Tuvak Tev (closer to You) is music project by Kaspars Ezerins containing songs written by him. In scope of this project in April, 10th, 2010 was worship and prayer event "closer to You" with live recording, there have been recordings in studios and are published "Tuvak Tev" intro albums.

Work continues on multi CD album, which we hope to publish soon. Your interest to buy music that have been published helps to fulfill one of the projects intentions – publish a full multidisc album along side with book.

Title song of this project was written in August, 2007 but as label "Tuvak Tev" was born in the mentioned April, 10th, when was it's first official event. In scope of the project some small evens were done and big ones, as well musical tours outside of Latvia.

Tuvak Tev unites more than 30 musicians.

The main virtues of Tuvak Tev is The Word of God (Holy Scripture – The Bible), only Christ, diversity of music and creative approach, interdominational / ecumenical, diversity of culture and language, heritage of church liturgy, an basis of all – Gods Mercy!

More about projects Tuvak Tev values you can read in Kaspars Ezerins article about Tuvak Tev (closer to You).

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